Jun 20, 2014

Care about yourself to start caring about your users

We love to think that someday we'll have a product that sells itself right from the launch, that people will love it right from the start and that they're going to pay a lot of money to have it even if they don't need it. That might be possible if you sell real unicorns but the truth is that you don't (If you do, please send me an email, I must have one).

Don't be scared though, you can still sell your products and have a lot of fans by doing the right thing. And the right things starts with you!

Yes you, you are the one not only investing in the product but the one who is also waiting to make a profit out of it. So you are in control right? You may be deciding to cut on the quality using cheaper materials but not on the final price.

WRONG! Start caring about yourself!

Think how important it is for you when you buy something and you have expectations about quality, utility, aesthetics and so on. Your clients are no different from you. If you buy something that broke after the first use you become mad, so do your customers.

Respect yourself in everything you do or step aside and let others, who care more, run your business. This is the only way to sell unicorns :)

Easy to say, hard to do, so what can you do after all if you have an online business?
  • Invest in good hosting or, if you can afford it, move to the cloud. Your service must be available all the time and at it needs to be fast. A client from the US may wait seconds more than a client from UK to see the same thing, and that is too much.
  • Choose the right platform and technology. Choosing poorly may cost you more in the long term, think about support or not being able to find guys to fix your site.
  • Make sure that everything works well, not that it simply works. It will take longer to develop a new feature but in the end everyone will be happier about it.
  • Get rid of advertisement on your site. Not only will you not make money from that but users hate to see tons of flashing images and banners. It looks cheap. Bonus: without them, the site will load faster.

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