Jun 18, 2014

Why do I need a UX Designer? I just want my site to look good

To be able to answer such a question we must be able to understand what User Experience really is. I'm not going to use a hard to understand definition because I have a little example in mind.

Let's imagine that you want a new car, one built just for you. What steps will you follow?
  • You go to the Web Designer and tell him what you want: fast, powerful, safe. He draws you the car, but that doesn't mean it will actually work. 
  • A second person comes by, the UI Designer, and he makes the car look even better. He chooses a nice set of wheels, he picks out that chrome finish for the doors that matches the wheels but the car still doesn't work. 
  • It's the UX Designer task to understand what is wrong with the car. He finds out that the steering wheel was put in the wrong place, behind the driver's seat. He understands what the user actually needs and not only does he fix the car but he creates a nice experience when driving or riding in it. 

The major attribute of a UX Designer is that he understands the client’s needs. He knows that it's not enough for your site or a software program to look good, it must also be easy to use. He's the one that can create something people will love, understand and grow with.

But a UX Designer's job is not only about creating nice things for the users, it's a full time job where business goals, design trends, psychology and many more meet to provide customer satisfaction and maximize your revenue.

UX is invisible marketing with feelings!


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