Sep 2, 2014

RequireJS.NET - open source project by VeriTech

Open source is not just for hobbyists, it is used successfully in some of the largest corporations on the planet. Most of the devices we use daily are in one way or another powered by open source. Since we also use open source software to great effect, it is our desire to give back to the community.

RequireJS.NET version 2.0 brings asynchronous JavaScript loading and flexible js bundling configuration to ASP.NET MVC. You can now have all the benefits of RequireJS and more in a way that is easy to use and fully integrated with .NET:
  • dependencies declaration and module path configuration using JSON or XML 
  • JavaScript file structure integrated with the MVC structure (js code-behind for each Razor view) 
  • bundling and minification with RequireJS.NET Compressor and MsBuild 
  • internationalization support for JavaScript resources with ResxToJs
Get started with RequireJS.NET: introductionsetup tutorial, bundling and compression, i18n support.

If you have suggestion or any kind of feedback regarding this project please submit an issue on GitHub.

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