Oct 16, 2014

PostgreSQL unattended install on Windows Server with PowerShell

I often find myself in the situation where I need to install and configure PostgreSQL on a new VM running Windows. Because repetitive tasks are annoying and error prone, I've decided to automate this process as much as I can using PowerShell.

The Install-PostgreSQL PowerShell module does the following:
  • creates a local windows user that PostgreSQL will use (called postgres by default)
  • the password use for the creation of this account will be the same as the one used for PostgreSQL's postgres superuser account
  • creates postgres user profile
  • downloads the PostgreSQL installer provided by EnterpriseDB
  • installs PostgreSQL unattended using the supplied parameters
  • sets the postgres windows user as the owner of any PostgreSQL files and folders
  • sets PostgreSQL windows service to run under the postgres local user
  • creates the pgpass.conf file in AppData
  • copies configuration files to data directory
  • opens the supplied port that PostgreSQL will use in the Windows Firewall
The script can be download from TechNet Gallery or from GitHub Gist.


On the machine you want to install PostgreSQL, download Install-Postgres.zip file and extract it to the PowerShell Modules directory, usually located under Documents\WindowsPowerShell.
Open PowerShell as Administrator and run Import-Module Install-Postgres. Before running the unattended install you should customize the PostgreSQL configuration files located in Install-Postgres\Config directory.
You can also add a recovery.conf file if you plan to use this PostgreSQL cluster as a standby slave. All conf files located in Install-Postgres\Config will be copied to the PostgreSQL data directory once the server is installed.

Install PostgreSQL with defaults:
Import-Module Install-Postgres
Install-Postgres -User "postgres" -Password "ChangeMe!"
Install PostgreSQL full example:
-User "postgres"  
-Password "ChangeMe!"  
-InstallUrl "http://get.enterprisedb.com/postgresql/postgresql-9.3.5-1-windows-x64.exe"  
-InstallPath "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.3"  
-DataPath "C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.3\data"  
-Locale "Romanian, Romania"  
-Port 5432  
-ServiceName "postgresql"


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