Oct 6, 2014

UX practices for newly born websites

You just launched your website and now you're eager to see if users actually like what you've done, but hold your horses and don't jump to conclusions very fast.  Let the user enjoy what you have created before throwing them a big modal screen with a survey. You'll lose them twice as fast as you gained them. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn't care but you should make smart choices when it comes to user feedback in the first month or so of your product. 

Here's what you can do:

  1. Analytics – the good old friend, it should be there from the beginning. Watch for everything: audience, technology, bounce rate, referrals, direct search (for this I would suggest using webmaster tools as well), I mean everything. 
  2. Video recording from site – the next best thing, you can record everything a user does on your site, what he clicks, how he scrolls and if he has difficulties finding stuff on the page or completing a form. It's easier to understand user behavior from this than from a heat map tool. I'm using Clicktale for this job, you can try it for free or you can find other similar products
  3. A/B testing – this is the ideal time, right at the beginning, before users get comfortable with the way your product looks. Throw some color on those buttons baby, see what pops! 
  4. Social media – even if you don't have a Twitter/Facebook page (really, why don’t you?) people are still going to talk about you, so make sure you search for your brand's name across multiple social media platforms

It's been a month or more? OK, take your surveys, don't forget to add some incentive (it's not the end of the world to give them some discounts), call people, interview clients and so on. Never be too aggressive, aggressive is obsolete!


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